2020 - Year of the Lockdown

Still managed a few things

Good news - engaged, but sadly no party.

Summer holiday 2020 at Lairg - our "Tin Tent" experience.  Cheap!

Other August activities

A family gathering, socially distanced of course - 1 August 2020.

A Family Fun Day

I went for a rather adventurous cycle/walk in the Ochils -(not recommended when combined with Campylobacter)

Lockdown eases a bit.  Visitors. (and the Campylobacter. And Sharon's brirthday jaunt to


Now we are all experts on Zoom and Skype - Lockdown life.

Remember those COVID quiz nights.

Before the lockdown (just).

When we were allowed to gather together - Cheltenham Festival 2020

In January we nipped down to Campbeltown for a night.  Bracing!

Ski-ing February 2020