Yo ho ho!!  And aren't the children getting even bigger?

Christmas and Hogmanay 2019

Christmas 2018

Christmas 2017

For 2015 we had some new faces around.

Christmas just keeps coming round.
And finally some Christmas snaps from 2014.

And to the end of 2013, a mix of birthday, ceilidh, a 50th Wedding Anniversary and Christmas.  

Not sure what happened to 2012?

Christmas 2010, a sedate, adult affair

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2009

Christmas at Kathleen's - 2006

At Heather and Bill's in 2007 -does this prove it is our turn next?  Sorry I missed you out of all the pics Bill, maybe next game of charades I will  catch you?

Here is Christmas 2004 style

And Christmas 2005 style

Took a long while, but here is

Christmas 2003 , and Duncan's party

Christmas and New Year 2002

We had Christmas in 2001 as well

And a quiet New Year

New Year 2000

Christmas 2000, and  The Happy Gang team pic

Christmas 1999 and The Happy Gang outing

Christmas 1998

I think we had Christmas before that, but not digitally!  One day I may get round to adding some earlier classics, if there is any demand?