Christmas 2006.  

Thanks to Kathleen for the afternoon and the pictures.

Firstly the traditional Brady/Caskie reindeer feeding, under the watchful gaze of the very impressed grandparents.

And then the dawning of the great day itself - too early as usual.

Chez nous

After all that fun we headed over to Kathleen and Colin's for an afternoon of frolic, leaving Sharon at home to make the tea and entertain her Dad.

There was a great choice of bevy for all

Plenty of grandchildren too.

Granny wants more: bevy or grandchildren?

Tall tales were told.

Who me?

More tails!  Lucky and Kitty.

It was all happening in the kitchen

Thankfully the children were all elsewhere

Granny dishes out the advice.  Children are rapt with attention.

That's better.

Jings , I was there too!

A real family affair.

What a team.,

Billions and trillions - how educational it all was too.

Quiz time.

Party girls.

All too soon is't time to go home.

And that's it for another year.  Roll on 2007.

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