Christmas 2015 - and then there were six

Good old festive season - Yo Ho Ho.  Fantastic views, great walk, and all that

Just to get you in the mood.  Time to head home from work.
Looks like the traditional tree decorating ceremony.

But wait, there is third person here

     and a fourth.

Ta da - haven't we done well.  What a team

Thanks for a great tree guys.

Ted is still looking good too.

All the Christmas couples on Christmas Eve - ohhhhhh how nice.  Time for The Ramones (well why not?)
The next day it was off to the McQueens who had kindly invited us over for more festivities.

The usual chaos.

I should have edited this one out for sure!

Not sure you will manage all that?

Ah, you've got a helper.

And things start to go hazy?

Not go the hang of this selfie thing, but everyone else was fed up with it.

Expiremenatl stuff

By pudding time things were looking better.

Me me me

Quiz time methinks.
And then a couple of days later the Falkirk team regrouped for more festivities

Thank goodness that is all over!  No, she didn't say that at all.

And goodnight.

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