Christmas 2001

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First things first, put out the reindeer food

That's enough, back inside.

Then hang up the stockings

Someone's excited

Oh yes she is!!

And so the scene was set.  All was quiet, and not even a mouse stirred........ until


Where did all this mess come from?

Oh, from here

Early morning gardening?  Remember kids,

don't use you pogo sticks on  the grass!

What an exciting time we had

Can't even have your dinner without the

damned papparrazi!

The calm before the storm

Pressie time again - yahoo.

Thanks to eveyone for their kind gifts.

A new twist to the Christmas story

Bill never did give us that tune on the piano

The show goes on

and on

and on

and on

Smile for the camera please

Children scatter as the goings get rowdy

And then it was clean up time

Thanks to everyone for their contributions to the day, all were much appreciated.

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