Tom & Greta Visit 1964, Rodeo somewhere, and Sydney on the journey home 1965 

Fantastic views, great walk, and all that

Tom (my Grandpa Caskie) and Lulu?
Back to Bluff with the tourists.

Team photo.  Guess I am the second smallest wean?

Rodeo somewhere - I can't remember!

Somewhere in NZ

Promotional shot for my Dad's work

And some practical application of the product.

At last, another picture of me.  In the shirt that seems to appear again and again.

What a handsome family.  And the perfect size.

Looks like we are leaving from ...Wellington maybe?

Oh no, not away yet. 

And back to the waterfront.

So I think we have set sail now.  Flags read H(otel) X(ray) = "I have a pilot on board", "Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals".  If I have read them right?

And I am guessing we are now in Oz, as the next box of slides starts in Sydney zoo, and has more kangaroos.

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