1967 and 1968

Presumably Dowries gate?

I think two of these pictures are the wrong way round, but not  sure which ones?
As the slide box said "Dowries" I presume these are scenes from around there?

David and Ian Miller with Kathleen and  me in  Strathaven?

Kathleen with some friends?

Islay Show 1967 or 1968

A relation (Aunt Jean?)  with Kathleen and other people.

Must be 1968 by now.
Clipping - Dowries?

Neil kneeling?

A big help I imagine.

Calderpark Zoo

Three already.  And Empire Biscuits

Kathleen, Susie McDonald and Heather in the back garden at Clarkston Road

What's she been up to at the Laws?

Off to school.  I presume it's me?

Someone else having a shot of the uniform

And another.  Just wait three years and it's yours.

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