Islay 1967

Bowmore pier

What a bonny family

Children getting bored with this picture nonesense.

Hardly changed a bit.

Collecting shells with Auntie Fi.

Loch a Chnuic.

Not sure who #3 is here - Lewis?

Granny providing architectural hints.

The  Big Strand

Who is the man in the cap?  Looks too young to be Uncle Charlie?

The workers!

This is the life.

Islay Show 1969

Jane Anne?  at the show.  And Heather getting her love of horses, and Granny Caskie, and Dad's Uncle Harry?

Beach at Bunnahabhain Bay, for some reason

Bowmore from foreland, according to the writing on the slide.

Myself and ? at Kilchiarin

Operation Salvage, Kilchiarin


Another successful day's fishing.  Think the door colour is a bit off in this one.

Kathleen and ? at the well.

Peuchkie drying on the line.  What a sight.

Off to fetch Archie McNab's bullock

Here it comes.

Made it over safely.

Loading a boat

McArthur's Head - on the way home I presume

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