Various 1969 and 1970

Not entirely sure exactly where all these are from. 

A little fuzzy - Linn Park?

Not Linn Park

Bannerbank Farm?

Out the back at Clarkston Road, with Greenie.

What fun we had
Blair Drummond, and the famous giraffe.

Dad and several uncles (and Grandpa Caskie) helping John Caskie (from Garvocks) gather and count his sheep after John's  move to Mull. 

And back to the mainland.  Feeding the pigeons in Linn Park?

And back to Clarkston Road

The Christie girl?, Heather, Kathleen and that other David

Ever tried to get eight weans to smile at the camera?
Murray, Marshall and myself at the back, Kathleen, Heather, Aileen Stormonth, Douglas and Aileen Caskie at the front.

Near enough.

And with the grown ups - Mum, Alex, Cairine, Tommy, Evelyn and Dad at the back, Granny Caskie, Grandpa Caskie and Mrs Moir at the front.  And all those weans.
Grandpa's 70th?

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