1971 - Islay.  Including lobster tanks

Where were the lobster tanks?  Do they still exist?

?, Iain Caskie?, Uncle ?, ?, ?, Dad, ??? - almost the same picture as the end of the last page

A good days fishing

The Big Strand, maybe.

Building sandcastles with Uncle Iain

Not many pictures of Mum in the water.  Must have been a special day.

Centre of the universe.

A cottage somewhere on Islay

Don't we scrub up well?

The lobster pots - I don't remember them at all.

That one.

Portnahaven of course

Port Wemyss from Orsay (where the lighthouse is)

Portnahaven from Orsay (where the lighthouse is)

Scrubbed up even more, ready for the trip home.  With someone else who is not well enough dressed to travel with us.

Apparently Kelly the Millionaire's house

Must be time for home - Port Askaig

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