Mull - 1972

I remember some of these pictures

Here we are.  Ready for anything.

Our wee holiday But'n'Ben.  Was this at Clachandhu?

View from the house - definitely Clachandhu, looking out to Inch Kenneth.  I think Clachan Dhu means Black Village, as most of it was allegedly wiped out in a rock fall!

With Granny.

And here is everyone (except me).  Gentlemen get matching cups.

I think we were building a jetty.  Though we didn't have a boat!
Or maybe it was for our exercises?

Yes, that's the picture I remember!

Some of those rocks that crush houses?

Fionnphort or Iona, not sure which.  Was a long time ago

Definitely Iona

Beach at Iona, I am pretty sure?

Grasspoint?  Pity there isn't room for three.

Ahh, that's better.

Something fishy been going on here?

Aunt Fiona and Unlce Andrew come to visit, and Kathleen catches a fish.

And a beach shot.

Beach shot two.

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