July 72 North Berwick, Sept in Islay and Christmas 1972

Can't say I remember much about this, even though I was 9.

Just Kate in this one I think?

Heather had a go too.

Ah, there were two donkeys.

Gosh I  got a go too.   Exciting stuff.

And Kathleen gets promoted to do some donkey leading.


Dad trying out for a job on the boats?

Back home, and off to Brownies.
Some Lime? being delivered somewhere.

"Out the back".  Dickies hut, with David Greenwood, Heather and a Christie boy I think.

Somewhere in Islay?
Sorry, no idea where this is.  Islay, but otherwise no idea

Must be Islay as that is Uncle Charlie and Aunt  Flora?   Still no idea where though.
Collecting stones?
Cladach and Curry Sands over there.

Out back in Portnahaven?

And out front in Portnahaven

Ferry at Port Ellen

And Christmas 1972

No idea who the baby is?

Christmas is an exciting time.

Aunt Nan, could that be Kirsty?, Kathleen, David, Heather and that baby again.

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