Various 1975 Stuff

Killiecrankie, Cattle, Spring Weekend, Scout Camp, and the Royal Highland Show

The old A9 past Dalwhinnie on the way to Killiecrankie

Here we are.


 Not sure how Kathleen got out of this one. 

Pitlochry Dam and Fish Ladder

Hope they had more luck with the fish?

Cows at Dodside.

School blazer!

No idea.

Spring Weekend somewhere?  A little Allan.

Scout Camp open day - May 1975.  Near Fenwick I think.

Gillian Watson and Sheila Fleck with Kathleen.

Chocolate banana, obviously before any has been eaten.

Game of quoits.  Not spotted me in any of these picture yet!

Carmunock weans.  Means nothing to me.

Royal Highland Show 1975 style.

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