1976 -  A Long Time Ago

Could be Berneray, or somewhere completely different?

Mum, posing for the camera, or keeping out of the wind!

Ok, I confess, I have no idea where these were taken.

This, on the other hand, is in a field.  Scout camp - Titwood farm maybe?

And the traditional Scout delicacies, Eggy Orange and Chocolate Banana.  Yum.

One of the less pleasant aspects of the camping life.

All set for my next camping adventure.   And that is not a regulation hat.

Struggling to work out where this is?  Ferry to Millport


Derek Fisher, Mark, Stuart McIntosh, Stephen, a Buchan? and a "cack".

Here are my lot, Derek, me, Gordon, Cameron Mcphail and ????

Troop picture.  What a bunch!

Odd for a thirteen year old - football wallpaper (I had no interest then or now)!

I am surprised I let Spitfire that close to my Ted stuff.

Summer holidays - Wick.  Who are these young people?

Aww, didn't he do well.


I liked the Stacks of Duncansby, at the true northeasterly point of Scotland.
Perhaps you can see why ?

Chilling at the farmstead

And a sunset to finish.  No idea where, why or when, but who cares?

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