Portnahaven, Granpa Caskie's 80th and Aberlour scout camp

Same hat, different head.


Not so pretty

And back to Portnahaven

Port Charlotte

Granpa Caskie's 80th - April 1980.  Can't remember where.

Party!!!!  I can see Kathleen, Mum, Iain, Grandpa, Aileen Stormanth, Uncle Tommy and Uncle Alex in this.

Confined to the dog shed?

Oh dear.  Aileen Caskie, Murray, Kathleen, Aileen Stormanth, Grandpa, Heather and me.

I suspect with all that whisky things would get blurry for some

What a blood line!

Did you make it yourself?
And scout camp in Aberlour - 1980?

Mini Honk

Craig Chirry, Hitler, Peter, ?, KB, ? Douglas Orr, and some kid stuffing his face.

Camping is fun!

A David Greenwood in the middle

Apparently the Queen came to Bowmore in 1980.  Haven't spotted her in these pics though

So she left from Port Askaig?  Bye.

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