1980 - Islay, Oban

1981 - Yachting adventures, Balcaskie Castle and Dunblane, Girls London trip

Fantastic views, great walk, and all that

Ah, that could be Queenie now?

And back to normal stamping grounds.

Scenic beauty spot.

The caravan

And Oban - to visit me.

Surely an album cover in the making?

And  a cover for the second album?

And Dad's yachting trip with Willie and Davey Patton. 

Balcaskie Castle, nothing to do with us as far as I can see!

Some Caskies at Balcaskie Castle.  Some with attitude I suspect?

And Dunblane - a true Caskie residence.

Carmunock School Pictures

Mum, Kathleen and Heather let loose in London.  With Hannah? Bestente 

And the back of Uncle Arthur

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