1983 - Lambing and Calving, Clipping, My Graduation Islay and Fenwich Show

Lot of ground covered here

Clachan Bridge (Bridge over the Atlantic) beside the Tigh An Truish Hotel - a lovely spot

But did we go for a pint?


Farm work, spraying the rashes.

Lunch al fresco

That'll be the clipping then.

Willing helper, dressed to kill.

Hard at work right enough.

My graduation.

At least one of us was having fun?

Two smiles this time

Proud family portrait.

A wee drinkie at last.  And some grown up smoking by me.  Naughty.

Now I have graduated I am really cool when working at Drumboy!

No idea where or why, or who the third girl is?  Still got the T-shirt.

Must be worthies in Islay.
Some repair works on Queen Street?

Looks a bit furtive?  Bottle of scoosh and several packets of crisps.

Man on a rock, somewhere

Man and wife beside rock, somewhere?

A beach, somewhere

Islay Show I guess

Islay or Fenwick?
This must be Fenwick Show?

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