New Zealand including Rotorua - 1989

Fantastic views, great walk, and all that

Welcome to Wellington.  From Mount Cook?

And from the other side

And a view from our house I think?

Heading North, we needed to stop at the DC3 for some tea.  Cool Cafe, and it's still there.

Lake Taupo.  Time for fishing?

And well done everyone.  They tasted pretty good too.

Dad's pictures, so here are some cows.

Waitomo Caves.  Not us pictured.

Steam Separators at Wairakei.

Motel we stayed at?

Ask my Dad about this one?

Rotorua - Sharon's in the mist

Doing our best Maori, I think.

And more sensible.

Don't remember this at all.

Kiwi farm perhaps?

Definitely the kiwi farm. 

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