Getting ready to head off to NZ

Final farewall, or is this us coming back?  Haven't found the NZ pictures fromt this trip yet, but sometime they will appear.

Dad's 60th, 15th May 1994

Baby wars

Dad's 70th pictures here.  How things change.

Mark tends the barbecue at Fort Augustus - good old Scottish summers.

After the rain - Euan and Rionna


Jodrell Bank, Nantwich July 1994 or 1995?

Owen Davis

More summer fun

Beer and babies, not a good mix

Visitors at Rockmount Avenue

Baby wars again.  

Ailie, Rachel and Euan get on with the gardening

Chez Kathleen sometime in 1995

Curry or somewhere similar

Scary moment

Lindy and Dave visit Culzean Castle, August 1994

Fort Augustus, September 1994.  A Haircut 100 moment?

Andy's wedding - 22 October 1994

Team picture

A young Gregor

Timothy rides again

Look what I got for my birthday?

One today, and still on her bum.

Crawfords and Caskies

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