1993 - where have the years gone?

In June 1993 we convened in Bowmore, Islay, and the sun shone.

Constance having a ball

Oh dear.

Owen Davis - June 1994 ?

Anne Hathaway's Cottage I believe

Sassofortino, Tuscany, June 1993 or 1994.

Too many cooks.


  The team - Mike and Denise and us.

Mr Conti, our landlord and guide

Barbie time

We did eat every day.

Sienna - a nice town in Tuscany.

Someone upset at his team losing

Pisa of course.


Constance is one - must be August 1993?

The worker, getting the house ready for our expected arrival

   And at rest.

The time is approaching.

The Davis's in Rouken Glen park

Owen again.  

Caitlin Grace arrives

Blissfully asleep

Fort Augustus, September 1993

Another rest.

Mary at Loch Ness

Don and John in Fort William

Rionna makes an appearance - Grandfathers suitably impressed.  10th November 1993

Cousin Constance

And Aunty Heather

Happy days

Christmas 1993 at Drumboy - what a gathering.

Then there were three. Changed a bit since.



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