So what did you get up to in 2000?

At least here are the pictures we have

Some of these have more pictures attached, you can tell by the links.

First of all there wasNew Year

James had a party (more pics available)

We has a smashing week in Arran in the spring.

Rionna appeared in a dancing display


Street theatre came to Falkirk in May

Along with the fun fair.

June was barbecues at Carluke

 And at Falkirk
And school sports

Chez Caskie, June 2000

And a great time in Islay in the summer - more pics available of course
Chester was nice in August.

Strange people, these

Chester types

I treat the family to a meal out at Chester

We took some pictures at Heather and Bills in September

Can't take some people anywhere?

And then Kathleen visited us in October

Caitlin and Rionna - the trouble twins

Shauna had a party

Hallowe'en was fun

In December I went for a nice walk in the Ochils, but only managed one picture

And then it was Christmas

And finally we had Mum and Dad's Ruby Wedding party.

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