Big in Falkirk 2005 - Day One the sun shone

First up some rock and roll from Freefaller - very Green Day-ish.

If you're happy and you know it......

Some theatre from the Falkirk Youth Theatre - Tales of Alice.  Painting the ???

All hail the Queen of Hearts

Off with their heads.

Mock turtle

More art - Mr Lucky's Party - very wet.

Mum joins us for a walk through the sheds!

And a final bit of rock and roll from The Disciples of Planet Earth.  Will they go far?

And  then the cycle home, tired but happy.

Later that same day........

Shauna and I, being big arty types, returned at night for the SIMURGH show - some tosh about bird kings.

Big flying birds

but poor lighting!

Day Two started very wet, but improved

Mmm, where will we sit today?

Trap 6 - rather good actually.

Freefaller stood in for a cancellation - only band to play Big two days running apparently?

Awaiting the main man

Oh look, Alan Rough and Yogi, the Falkirk manager.  Oh yes and the Lord Provost - rock on.

Show me the way to Amarillo (FALKIRK!)

Tony Christie shows us the way.

Full team join in, look out SPL.

Got to keep the kids happy too.

Mud bathing ensued

BMX Bandits compete with mud bathers

I think the muddy guys won.

Having fun yet?

That's put a smile on their faces - Mum and Dad spend cash


or not?

So muddy and tired we headed for home, to get cleaned up before the finale.

At last, it's Les McKeown's Legendary Bay City Rollers.  And we shanga-langed.

Bye Bye Baby

And the finale - very spectacular fireworks set to the War Of The Worlds.  Brilliant.  Believe me.

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