Various June and July 2005

What a mix of things we get round to picturing!

Ready to escort the Mariner Queen Elect to the Keys Ceremony - June 3rd

Also we went to the Zoo, and the girls did Arran for a day
The following weekend we saw Heather and Bill.

My only nephews - heaven help me?

Someone is amused!

This part of the story  covers the girl's dancing shows - 12th to 15th June.  You missed it?  Well here is a brief review, but there are plenty of non-dancing ones after.

Ready for the P7 Ceilidh

Can't keep that Shauna out

Belle of the ball.

And we get to stay at home

And on June 26th the girls took part in the Race For Life at Hopeton House.  Well done all of you.

Warming up

And they're off.

.... and up the home straight.

Go on then, the big finish

The champions

A well deserved post-run dinner was duly sorted.

Final Primary school assembly for Rionna

Sing a happy song.

Summer comes - July 2

And we went to the zoo on the 3rd of July as well

and the girls all went to Arran the day after that.

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