T in the park July 9th and 10th, 2005


Hey ho, let's go.


Arriving at Balado nice and early, we get a prime spot for a weekends festivaling.

Chilling on the Friday.  Actually baking in the sun - ouch!

The hill fills up behind us.

View from tent.  After spending all afternoon in the sun it didn't look much

better to me.

The morning after.   Don't think these guys went to bed at all.

 Tents continue to spring up all over the place.

Up the hill behind us.

Morning happy camper.  Preparing to Rock.

After missing most of The Beatutiful South, Stuart and I mellowed to Joss Stone ......

... while Craig checked out Maximo Park.

The mighty Audioslave - a result.

This was the business.

Tried to see Death in Vegas, but the tent was mobbed so we caught the end of the much touted Magic Numbers, we think?  No pictures to prove that though.

Then The Killers - quite popular?  

We did enjoy them.

No beer!!!  Very hot though.

And then over to the NME tent for someone.

Oh yes,The Streets.  Mike Skinner organising the bottle throwing -

"Just don't hit the drummer, we need him".  We moved on.

Beer at last.

View from the floor of the beer tent.    The Foo Fighters on stage - honest.  V Good.  And we got to hear the end of New Order before grabbing some chips  and heading back to the tent.                                                                          

Knackered from the sun we retired early, just a couple of beers to send us to sleep on Saturday night.  Surprisingly quite tonight, think everyone was suffering from sunstroke.

Sunday dawned just before most of the revellers awoke, another hot and sunny day.

Brekkie time - great bacon Stuart, thanks.

Leaving the guys to drink the beer I caught Biffy Clyro - interesting , and with a strong local support.  To get out the blistering sun I then took my beer to the King Tut's Tent and enjoyed The Black Velvets - rock lives.

Stuart and Craig ventured into the Slam Tent and caught The Bays.

Must have been good then?

As close as I got to Athlete, through choice - boy was it hot out there, must have been something in the atmosphere, as they say.

Bit closer for Razorlight, who were excellent.

Dinner is always the highlight of the day - yummie.  And it meant we missed Snoop Dogg and The Bravery (mostly), Bright Eyes and the Kaiser Chiefs - result.

Queens of the Stone Age, finally beginning to gell live.

Managed to catch the end of The Subways in the X Tent - must see more next time.

Did I mention we had a beer?

Hayseed Dixie bringing some bluegrass to Balado - excellent.

Green Day - big stage, big show, big turn off.  After every song turned into a singalong show piece we gave up and saw the end of the Prodigy instead - surprisingly this was a good move I think.  And I had been looking forward to Green Day too - maybe when they grow up? 

And that was it.  Not a bad weekend, if only it hadn't been so hot - always something to complain about (stewards, horn players, ticket checks, etc...)

And for the record nearly every toilet visited was usable and clean, and several even had bumf!

So guys, are we on for next year or what?