I am sure we did more, but you will have to make do with this

October/November 2005.

Over to Glasgow to catch up with long lost relations.

The dollie girls

Happiness is....

What has he let himself in for?

More dollies

What does this say to you?  Dollies?

Full portfolio available on application to the usual address

Can we go home yet?

Hey ho, let's go.

And what about some of the rest of the family?

Meg and Rob's new NZ pad

The garden is smart

Needs Meg back though?

We did go to Dalkeith to catch up there, but forgot the camera.
The Glasgow team check out Elenia at Kirsty's

The proud parents

And then there was a birthday (not sure these are in the right order, but you can't have everything!)

Dinner for five - pizza of course

Twelve now, don't you know?

Back to somewhere else?