Visitors from near and far

Chewin the fat

Opps, what have I done now?

Then the Wilkes visited and we went to the Scottish Country Show.
Then home for tea.

A man in his element

All aboard the skylark - trip to the Falkirk Wheel

Round she goes.

July 30th 2006 - first taste of the West Highland Way

During August some girls took a trip to the Islay Show with Grandpa.  

Also did a bit of the Edinburgh Festival stuff - great what free tickets will do.

The Glasgow "C"s all went to Monte Carlo.  See Kathleen for the rest of these pics.

Kathleen, Colin, Constance and Caitlin grace us with their presence - August 06

Preparing the feast

Sporting activity


No comment.


Preferred the cheeky one.  Trying to remember how to work the PC

Was the kiss just for show?

And here's a picture of Caitlin.

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