Basque Exchange Visit

Milia and Loiola spend a fortnight with us in June.

First visit, a rainy trip to Edinburgh 14/6

Off her head already

Something not quite right here?  Camera Obscura I guess.

So that was the morning in Edinburgh.  The afternoon was spent shopping!

More educational stuff - trip to the new Riverside Museum : Scotland's Museum of Transport and Travel.  16 June 2012

Anyone know any Queen songs?

Down in the Tube Station at 3pm!

Horsing around!

Big kids!

Bigger kid!

Our next cultural highlight was a bicycle trip round the Trossachs, with a cruise thrown in down Loch Katrine - such style!

Before it got too cold on the boat

Nice bit of country, but the hills aren't big enough!

Are we having fun yet?

Boat departs, now we will have to cycle all the way back down to the end of the loch

So far so good!

So off we go,  for the cycle back


A good spot for lunch - the graveyard of Rob Roy's ancestors

Lunch - and a welcome rest.

You will have your picture taken!

And it was a good one?

Oh dear.
And back home.  A day without rain was nice, if shortlived!
And the last Scottish trip I have a few pictures of is our second attempt to visit Stirling jail (after the girls got thrown out the first time for being too young.  At least we all got in for free next time around).

Another dry moment.

On top of the jail, dry but blowy.

Adios amigos.

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