V Festival - Stafford - 2012

Free tickets, or else I wouldn't have been there.  Still cost a fortune!

On arrival - wellies on and plastic bags out.

Massive crowds already.  Was this for Olly Murs?  Time for the beer tent.

Madness, now that is more like it.  I think this is what the crowd were for?

Missed Tom Jones and had a wander - not saying the Enemy were better than Sir Tom!

Now this is more like it - I am getting to quite like Frank Turner

Not my pic!

Crowd for Frank a bit smaller, but he was only on the second stage

Interesting way to deal with the "Can't see at thing" problem

Punters "horsing" around!  Well why not, Snow Patrol were dull.

Setting sun on day one, not long until the Killers now.

Apparently DJ Fresh, not LMFAO as I thought (as if I would know!).  Actually quite good, with real instruments and stuff!

And third highlight of day one, The Killers

Day Two

Rionna dressed for the party.  I thought it was early for beer, but she insisted.

Scottish music demands rain?

Think this was from Chelmsford, as the sun is shining

Sunshine on Leith, but not on Stafford!  Nice violinist though.

Wellies definitely a good idea.  

During Rodrigo Y Gabriella the rain did stop, and stayed off thankfully.

All too much for me, back to the tent for a rest and to dump the wet weather gear.

Party girl, ignoring Noel Gallacher in the background (admittedly far away)

The Stone Roses - very good too.  I was impressed and really enjoyed this.

Monkey man himself.  And mostly in tune.

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