50th Birthday present of a flight from Loch Lomond - Brilliant.

Fantastic views, and a great experience

Cameron House, 25th May 2013 - a beautiful day.  Ben Lomond looking impressive.  After the three hours it took me to get here it ought to!

First sight of my carriage for the day.

The taxi out to the runway.

Neil Howie on his stag do - shades of the Wicker Man!

Up and away, over Loch Lomond, headed for the Ben

Luss, with Ben Vane at the back on the right

Nearing Tarbet.  And you can see Ben Narnain, Ben Ime and the Cobbler from here.  And loads more!

And ten minutes after take off we have passed over Ben Lomond.  Looking back down Loch Lomond.

Farewell Lomond for now.

Next landmark - The Cobbler (Ben Arthur) with the "Rest" climbing behind, and Loch Fyne in the distance.

Loch Lomond to the left, Loch Long in front, as we head past the Cobbler

To the right, Loch Goil, as we head over Ben Donich

Fifteen minutes in, and we are over Inveraray

Loch Fyne, with Ben Ime and Ben Lomond now far away.

Passing Inverary and heading for the Cowal  Peninsula

Looking up Loch Fyne, with Ben Lui standing proud

Similar.  We could see Ben Cruachan, though I didn't get a picture as I was on the wrong side of the plane.

Think that is Loch Striven, where they tested the famous bouncing bomb prototypes.  Might not be though!

Kyles of Bute with the Colintaire ferry

A roofless church on Bute

Cows heading in for milking


Rothesay again, from the other side

Looking up towards the Clyde and Gourock

And I think this is looking up GareLoch, on the way back to Loch Lomond, but can't be sure

And back to Loch Lomond, to find a landing spot.

Party at Ross Priory, or thereabouts

We have touch down.

Neil's friends keep the Wickerman suspense building.  Most strange!

And back on dry land after a great 45 minutes.  Fantastic to see the hills from above, what a splendid journey.  And it only took an hour to get home.

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