Some Meetup Pics - Elie Chain Walk, Glasgow Festival, and a Canal Cruise (with booze)

Fantastic views, great walk, and all that.  A blustery June day.

Euan set for any eventuallity.

Getting blown off the top (ok, not quite!)

And there is Elie, other side of the golf course

The start of the serious bit.

Amanda, Lynda and I all set.

It was a cracking day for it.  This is a beachy bit!

So far so good.

And looking back to Elie

Kevin pops up

A rocky bit


Last section.

Some little girls catching us up.

In early August (I think), we visited Glasgow for the annual Merchant City Festival - who knew?

Main attraction for me was the Dancing Diggers - impressive if a bit long and boring,
And then the pub - well what else did you expect.
And finally, a pint at the newly reopened Clutha bar

Another month, another trip - cruising on the canal

Being forced into the spirit of things, as my hangover subsided

While it was still all quiet on the western front

View from the viaduct (I think)

The Cap'n

Falkirk tunnel

Ladies in charge

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