Some pictures from 2015 that don't go elsewhere

A few odd pictures 

Ok, so this one is not from 2015, but that is when I got it - anyone got any ideas?  I thought perhaps Andy's Wedding #1?
The next lot are definitely 2015.  Glasgow Islay Association Burns Supper (but no pics of Heather doing Tam o'Shanter, or Kitty getting kicked out at 9:30pm!

"His knife see rustic labour dight, An cut you up wi ready slight"

Falkirk got to the cup final (again), so the steeple put it's scarf on.

My ex-colleague taking some nice snaps.

Whose got my camera?

And whose got my fiddle!

Domestic bliss!

Doing some work on my path - a long hard job, but strangely rewarding.

On 1st August we had a belated birthday celebration for Mum, with a wee trip to see Tom Jones at the stadium.

(and yes, that is The Carvelles' first single on Mum's lap)

And what's this?

Wow.  Ain't he the guy?

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