Entertaining the Foss's, doing up the room, and playing the fiddle

Some Spring time activities 

In April we were honored to have the company of John and Brigitte for a couple of nights, which was great.

At Rob Roy's grave at Balqhuidder.

Trying to find the path.

Creag an Turic, overlooking Loch Voil

I was quite taken with the view.

Killin, but the pub was shut!

And at Fortingall to see the oldest tree in Britain, though that was not the main attraction.

And our final stop on the tour was the Kelpies.  Great to see John and Brigitte, hope we can do it again soon.

Before our visitors arrived we had to finish of the redecoration of our old dining/computer/ room.

Floor sanding

and the finished article.  
And finally for now, some snaps from the Falkirk Fiddle Workshop Ceilidh.  A good night was had by all (I think).

The young people

Here we go

The jigging

The maestro!  This is how you play it?

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