A few things from the end of the year

I had a go at the Chris Hoy velodrome in Glasgow (a Christmas pressie from last year).  Not me pictured!.  In fact I can't get the picture to work at all!

We helped Rionna and Kieran progress their wedding planning.

Shauna and I ventured into the Ochils for a wee wander.  It was good?

If a little fresh at the top.

But well worth it.  Could almost see our house from here.

And saving the best for last  -  Sharon's choir recital in Edinburgh in December.  Rock and roll.  Not sure if these audio clips will work - Click and see?  Clip 1    Clip2

And  some video clips that again may or may not work, and maybe on their sides?


At least the pictures work.

And that is it for now.

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