New Year 2017

(But first Hogmanay)

Rather untraditional, but great fun - games night.

Keeping the score (sort of!)

More score keepers.

Then it was on to something more sedate, but equally challenging.

Then tables cleared and on with the dancing.

At least one dancer, rest engrossed by the TV.

The next day four of us ventured along to the Fire and Light show at the Helix park.  Not bad for 3.50.

A big bird thing

And all lit up.

Enough to frighten the kids!

And something more sedate in the marshes.

Even the Kelpies got in on the act.

A few days later it was possible to see Mars, the Moon and Venus all at once in the night sky.

And not long after this I was passing through Kirriemuir, and checked out Bon

And to finish off, a domestic scene.

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