Some things I took pictures of in the middle of 2018

Fantastic views, great walk, and all that
May - Stag and Dagger festival - Bang Bang Romeo were quite a pleasant surprise - another good Sunday out.

Shauna and Sharon somewhere foreign?

23 June - Stirling Shopping Centre
Video clips - One     Two

Playing for the Cyrenians in Dollar Park 30th June.

Just as well I didn't want to read that page!

The audience, enjoying every note!

Still struggling with the greenery

Dancing not started yet!

And a quick change for my next gig - got to move to other side of the stage for this one too!


Living the dream

Final (?) Carvelles gig - 21 July

The ladies at Amy and Calum's wedding in Ayr 10/8

28th September - a final holiday at Muasdale.

Power poseurs?

Give us a break!

Shauna turns 22

Just time for a quick drink

Yeah, it's Rionna's 25th and Housewarming - 10th November
Better than it looks.


Cake time

Whoops, nearly dropped it!

Eventually the candles went out.

And it was good.

And that about wraps up this collection of photos.
Oh, yes, and I got my rocks off at WinterStorm - rock festival in Troon!

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