Since the turn of the year I have only got a few snaps

Maybe more to come?

We had a lovely walk on January 1

What a lovely lot of people.

I went to see the rather excellent live Strange Bones with Stuart.  And yes he did jump.

The next day we got the train to Cardiff - great trip, fun train journey, pity about the rugby!

Lovely place, but it brought me to tears!

Later in Feb Alice came to visit, so we had to do the Kelpies (as you do).

Towards the end of Feb we had a family funeral in Greenock, and took the opportunity to descend on Constance, Paul and Maxwell, for some photo opportunities.

Maxwell wasn't too impressed!
And lest we forget - the snows of 2018 (the worst since 2010?)

Attempt at a snowman on the first day (I got three days off work - yeeeaa).

One of these people had never been sledging before!  Last outing for the sledge on the left I am afraid.

Going nowhere.

and no gardening.

So had a lovely walk up the cycle tracks .  Thanks Beast from the East.

And in March Megan and I had a walk up Geal-charn Mor which was great.

The rest of this page not tidied up as I might add some more!  

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