Let's stroll along the banks

Glasgow to Edinburgh on the Forth and Clyde and Union canals - quite a week
Sharon and my Dad on another epic walk, with various guest appearances.

DAY ONE: Bowling to Hungryside Bridge (nr Torrance/Kirkintilloch) 13 miles

Where it all begins.

Day one : with Colin, a helpful local guide. 

DAY TWO:  Hungryside to Fakirk Wheel 18 miles

The main team, ready to hit the road again.  Actually this might be from later in the week?
DAY THREE:  Falkirk to Linlithgow 10 miles

More guest appearances, Laurie, Willie and Toby.

Looked like rain, so we took shelter at Bridge 49.  Kathleen joined us for the drinking walk.  With added hip flask activity!

Finally we get to sample the hostelry's own juice.  For a while, as the rain didn't stop.  Then it was the pub in Linlithgow to round off the drunkest walk my sister has ever done - what a sheltered life!
DAY FOUR:  Linlithgow to Ratho 13 miles

Only three people managed this one!  And I have just realised that is the same spot as the picture I put into Day Two, but as I have no others I have left it for now.

DAY FIVE: Ratho to Lochrin Basin/Edinburgh 8 miles  (and a cast of thousands)

Spotted lots of this crop, but no idea what it is?

Bucolic and serene

Heather, Shauna, Sally and Texa were here today too.

Managed to find a pub again.  Chuffed.  And most of the walking done.

Within sight of the end, time for a picture of the interpid duo - well done.

One with Heather

And one with Sharon

But these were the stars.
Final few steps, and the dogs calm in close proximity at last.

Ta da.  Good walk.  What next?

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