What else did I take pictures of in 2019

Or at least appeared in them!
Not too much, but here we go.

At the end of August we had an outing to Murrayfield to see Scotland beat France.  It was such a nice day (and an early match)
so we got a wee bevy and sat in the park - most civilized.
In October Sharon and I went on an organised walk (most unlike us) to learn more about the neighbourhood.  And we got a free lunch.

Carron Iron Works

Rionna and Kieran got themselves a dog - Hello Pippin.  A rare moment of rest for the wee thing.

And my Dad visited.

In December the Falkirk Folk Collective had a gig in Alloa - video here if you really must.

And finally, in December our heating went to the bunk, and I nearly burned the house down using our old gas fire - had to get the firebrigade in!  Not the best Friday night ever!

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