Weaver's Walk - Darvel to Eaglesham

Saturday 3rd August 2019

Setting off up the hill from Darvel, a little later than planned, and without my Dad who started (from the top of the hill) about an hour ago!

Admiring the views.  "The Valley" apparently.

Sign at the Low Overmuir farm road end, which my Dad missed.

All re-united, and off we go, only 10 and a half miles to go.

Another sign, but we decided to go the other way at this one!

Small hill, but big windmills.

Yet another sign. 

Before progressing we needed sustenance.

Plenty of it.

And off again.

Just made it past the "feral cows", and "dangerously steep hill".  How pleasant to have taken guidance from the locals!

Nearing the end.

Rewards for all that hard work.

Things started to get a little fuzzy after that!
Great day out, good walk.  Until the next time......

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