Cheltenham Festival 2020, featuring the Hatherley

and loads of good people.

When this was just a beer. 

But first breakfast for 16.  What a great way to start the day.
Thursday at the races - seems like a lifetime ago

Kind of sums up the day/week.

I think that's us down there?

The Guinness Grandstand

Celebrating the winnings

A Horse

Then it all got mental!

The next day we gathered at this pub, can't remember it's name (or much about the day).  Spent the day here, eating, drinking and gambling.  What a life.
Stopped taking pictures after that, but needless to say we hit the Hatherley (again and again), and spent the next day in various places not watching the rugby.  Odd that the racing went ahead on the Friday, but rugby cancelled on the Saturday. What a great week, thanks to Craige for organising, and Abi and Jamie for putting us up.  When will so many be allowed to gather again?

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