So what did you do in the great Lockdown of 2020? 

Well here are at least some of the things, in a fairly random order.
We had a virtual cider tasting:-

Shauna and Megan's

Ours.  (Didn't even drink the last one, honest).

Rionna and Keiran's.

And a picture of Pippin, for no good reason.

Some light gardening.
Discovered we had a cracked chimney rendering.

Chimney no more!

Did some cycling - Cumbernauld, Caldercruix, Avonbridge and so much more

But the bike was suffering!

Nice shiny new bike.

Virtual gin festival - very successful as far as I remember!

While the tulips were out.

Some cooking

And another lovely meal

When they cancelled the bin collection and closed the dump...

.....we burnt.

This is the life.

More cycling.

Callandar Park

Living the dream - sunny Scotland

And don't forget the COVID quiz nights - they get a page to themselves.

Sicilian food and weather (nearly).  Holidays at home aren't quite the same.

Oh dear, a two bottle night - not a good sign!

More burning.

Murder Mystery Evening - no-one got it right, but it was an interesting distraction.

ANOTHER sunny day, and a barbecue.  Martha thinking of doing something stupid.

Visitors at last - phase one of the easing of lockdown.

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