Lock Down Phase 2 or it is 3?  Certainly not 4 yet.

Nice to have some company

Exercise - a wee trip to Alloa.  Got a video clip too if you click here

Lunch at Clackmanan
Then we had a wee gathering with the girls and partners - nice to see them all in the flesh.  First time since Mother's day. 

All socially distanced and disinfected (apart from the chicken!)
Took a video clip of some of this too - just click here.  It was actually the day before Fathers Day, but don't get pedantic.

Even a visit from Martha (whenever there is food on the go!)

Very civilised.

If only we had all avoided the chicken!  How were we to know it was laced with Campylobacter.  A lost fortnight coming up!

Hope everyone had fun.  Thankfully the sun shone and the midgies stayed at bay.
On the first Sunday in July we met up with Shauna and Megan (socially distanced of course) for a wee walk to celebrate Sharon's birthday.  No chicken this time.

Setting off from Bo'ness, heading for Blackness Castle.  And the sun shone.

Castle getting closer.

Didn't stay dry all day unfortunately.

But the sun came back out.  Nice to get a wee walk and some company.

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