2020 - Mostly before the Covid19 crisis

Remember having fun?

Before our Cheltenham trip, Sharon and I visited a rum distillery in the West End of Glasgow, with some of my "Meet Up" people.  This is how Rum is made.

Apparently this is the extent of their warehouse.  So not a huge concern yet!

A bit of sampling never goes amiss.  Cocktails too - recommended despite Sharon's expression

Then we went to the pub (of course)

Pubs and restaurants all closed, and we have to keep two metres apart, but we braved a trip to Muiravonside for Mother's Day.  This was the last day (22nd March 2020) that we were allowed such socialising. 

Avoiding the crowds.

A lovely lunch.

All good so far.  A lovely afternoon.

I went up this hill and wandered off, so missed all the fun.  Rionna didn't quite make it to the top!

Click here for a little video clip of this - it's well worth it

Not such a good look, but very funny.
A second video clip is here, it might even be better!.
Still laughing

No wonder we have to socially distance!

An Amaryllis, to brighten up your day.

"Visiting" Rionna, to drop off some dog food.  Honest.

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