Early 2021 - Lockdown again

Not too much to show for the first three months, as not allowed out.

This is actually 2020 - after dropping my Dad home after his eye op.  Frozen West Loch Tarbet - last time I drove very far.

Happy New Year!

New Year - by photo !  Strange times.

Ne'er Day Dinner - a quiet affair this year.

Pictures of frozen canals were all the excitment at the start of the year.

Oh and slightly frozen fields - yes it was an exciting time.

Even went for a walk with Sharon.

So that was January.  Time for a picture of a chair.

Then is snowed in February.

Even went for a walk with Sharon

Not much cycling for a few days

New curtains.  Clever girl.

February - time for Scotland to beat England at Twickenham. 

Another Mothers Day, in a deeper lockdown than last time.

And another walk with Sharon.  But now we are allowed to walk with two others -

Cycling in March - one way there is a lovely view of the Forth.....

And to the left - a lovely view of Grangemouth

Another walk with Rionna and Kieran, and Pippin of course.  Kinneil.
And maybe more to come?

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