Missed the Queen, but the wheel was still there.

The Falkirk Millenium Wheel

First "street art" of the day

Captain Rowlock and Unable Seaman Bilge - well the kids liked it.

The wheel turns

And again. Going up..


and away.

and coming down

RAF Falcons come down to join the fun

And the highlight for us, two nearly naked guys, a whip, some fire and some dodgy humour.

How to get the crowd going, get your kit off

Look no hands.  The ladies round the other side liked this one.

And now we get the views

I am sure this must be as painful as it looks.  

Marigold glove on the head and blow

Glove removed by fire breathing related explosion.

Whip that chopstick out my ass.   No, really.  The other guy just has a sparkler sticking out his.

And that damn wheel just keeps going round. 

The Spurting Man - very wet

And some pics of Aunty Meg and the kids, a few weeks ago.

Please let me out, I will be good!

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