Family Hillwalk - Bank Hill, Dollar

Nice day, so I though it was time to enjoy the great outdoors. For full resolution pictures click on the picture to expand

Castle Campbell, and the marauding Caskies.

Past the castle, on the way up.  We came from way down there.  

Shauna's picture.  Of hills!

Half way up, we found a handy bench.  And that is where we are going.

"David, are you really serious about this?"

Another dissenter, needing encouragement (chocolate for anyone who gets to the top.)


And chocolate for all.  The top.

Hey, there's that castle again.  It looks a long way back.

Fairies in the woods on the way down.  

A final picture of the girls' first hill.  


And another, last final one.  Looks quite a long way too!


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