V2003 - Stafford - August 16 and 17

  Site last updated : 18 October 2003.

Day One - Clean, sober and raring to go.

Craig captures a self portrait

Rock and roll - Let's go

First highlight - Skin struts her stuff

Another surprise for me - Morcheeba were excellent - we chilled.

Party boys

Over to the second stage for a wake up call from

The Distllers, and a beer

Time for a breather

Messy young people have been here

Back to the tent to get changed into our evening wear.

Queens of the Stone Age - again disappointing live

RHCP - right on.

All too much

This is the bustling fun fair after the gig, honest.

Day Two

Sober and raring to go

Just time for a beer before getting on with things

and then we had a beer while watching the BMX bikes


And more awesome - Athlete strutt their stuff.

Massive crowd gathered for Athlete disappear before Killing Joke - wonder why?

Killing Joke - something of a surprise for those

who came to see Kelly Osbourne

Then we missed just about all of Ash on the main stage ...

But we did catch the hoary old rock of the Foo Fighters

Quick, some beer before Feeder

Feeder strutt their stuff

It's all over

Late night entertainment!

Packed up and ready for home

Not the best place to spend Monday

Rock and roll - bring on 2004