V2004 - Stafford - August 20 to 23rd

Nightmare journey down, but the rest was great.

  Site last updated : 14 November with Stuart's pics.

So what is different to 2003.  Tent is new, but our camp-site is the same as last year - spooky or what?

Still we managed to drink beer

This is what Friday night at a festival is all about.  All around us there seemed to be full-scale private parties going on, with numerous gatecrashers, topped by the didgeridoo player who seemed to play most of the night - not a good thing! About 6a.m. they decided to head home but the peace was soon shattered by the early risers. We managed to hold out until about 9.30 but it was not a relaxing night. Oh well, that is rock and roll.
             View from a tent.


A couple of lagers and we felt better, did the slash, coffee and bacon roll, and then started the day's main business, tanking more of the carryout, etc. The rain had gone and it was shorts and shades all round, although this made it rather dark in the tent.

First off was Kasabian on the NME stage - pretty good I thought, if somewhat in thrall to Bobby Gillespie, but then who isn't?

Goldie Lookin' Chain.  Does you mother have one too?  Enough said.  They did attract a huge crowd.

Mull Historical Society were next, but before they could hit the stage virtually all the crowd had run away.  And I can understand why!

Suggestions on a postcard!

Break for BMX and skateboarders - these guys are pretty good.

New band tent next, for Thea Gilmore, the new Chrissy Hynde?

Then the Scissor Sisters - a huge crowd pleaser.

A huge crowd.

The main stage, and NERD do their thing, honest it is them.

Better than I remember at Murrayfield, perhaps the lager was working?

I guess one of these photos is from Chelmsford then?

And then one of the main reasons I was here - The Pixies.  I enjoyed them, and managed to get closer than this too.

The others weren't so sure!


Didn't get in to see Primal Scream unfortunately as the tent was full.  But I was surprised to thoroughly enjoy The Strokes.  This was it.

The main man

A guitar hero at last.

And that was Saturday.  Just time to grab our final expensive beer for the day and head back to our tent.  Not for us the all-night movies, sideshow attractions, or dancing the night away. Back at the tent we had a couple of beers,and Stuart tried out one of his "boil in the pot" snacks - sweetcorn, tuna and potato. Enjoy?

Plenty of activity around the campsite again, and I particularly didn't enjoy the duet on Queen's "Love of My Life" right next door, between some lass who knew the words and a guy who could sing - not the best combination!!.


Sunday morning, and the sun shone again, if slightly weaker than yesterday. Had a lager then up for the loo and roll routine. Decided on beer instead of coffee this morning, for a change? The lassies next to us spent their time putting on makeup just like yesterday, while we drank beer and all that, just like yesterday. They probably looked better!

Seemed a bit harder to get going today, well Big Brovaz, Blacklight, Rodrigo Y Gabriela and Mohair are not my favourites! Did eventually get moving, saw The Divine Comedy strut their stuff from a distance, got a beer and on with the day.

Well uplifted by Athlete - a festival moment I felt, as the lager kicked in, the sun shone, and we sang along to "Beautiful". This made everything worthwhile, and was worth all that hard work drinking beer, and all that. And I still love that theremin solo - fantastic.

Where have my band gone?

Crowd gets high!

Oh dear, Stuart and Craig were not bearing up well!

Missed most of Pink thankfully.

A very busy NME Stage crowd for the Killers.

Apart from the special swirling festival sound they were good.

Then the crowd moved again.  Off to see Faithless on the main stage - and they were okay too.

Damn flags!

Where have they all gone?


Time for a healthy snack

Lager was kicking in by now, but at least we weren't all out of our boxes!

Letting it all out.


Tim Booth in a tent.  Also surprisingly good, and I am glad we caught them.

Then it was back outside for a beer.

What a mess.

Embrace replaced Jet on the NME stage, and apart from the singing  and the mullet were quite good too.

Or is this Rush?

Then the mighty Muse to finish off, unfortunately clashing with Kings of Leon - so another tough choice, but Muse had to win out, and they were worth it.

We love it.  Air guitar playing coming up but not pictured (I hope!)

Give me more, please!

Team photo

Some of these people may have been drinking?


Time to pack up and go home.

The long walk back to the carpark

And off we go


Rock and roll - bring on 2005