A fun day out up Schiehallion - 25/8/13 

Great to get out on the hill with so many, and I think everyone enjoyed it?  Now incorporating Kathleen and Heather pics too.

Looking forward to the challenge

Hill hiding in the mist behind us.

Team photo, thanks Duncan.

Hey Ho, Let's Go

Must be going the right way.

The long and winding road - or path up the hill.

Some scene from the Lion King, with a dog!  But at least we are getting high!

Not the only one taking pictures here.

Time for chocolate

Another food stop

The rocky bits were not the nicest!

After the hard ascent, over the boulder field we had to go.  Hey Ho,  Loch Tummel in the background.

At last, a clear view of the top, but more boulder fields.

Picking our way through the rocks

Just a view from the top, full of other people, leaving us to lunch elsewhere.

Loch Rannoch, from the top, with some of those other people!

Top of the world.

Munro #2.

K touches the top.  No idea who the others are.

Our lunch spot, at a misty point.  It really was clearer than this, honest.


Duncan surveys the drop.

Looking West to lots of hills

Then time to head back down, over the boulder field

Nearly finished with boulders, looking back to the top.  Just done that!

Final stroll back through the heather.

And on solid ground again, with our hill behind.  Looks simples now!

Young people looking for frogs.

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