2014 - Some other happenings

Just realised I hadn't posted any of these.

In June we welcomed a young Coby into the world.

USA trip in the summer - I liked this photo.

In September we headed down to Muasdale without Shuana, who had gone to live in Edinburgh for education!

And enjoyed a beach barbecue.  In September!

In October Shauna turned 18 - she came home for cake.

We even trusted her with lit candles.


And just over a month later, Rionna turned 21.

Paparazzi return

It was a different cake, honest.

Wish the children would put their phones away for a bit?

Wait a minute, haven't we just done this?

But this time it was the same cake (or most of the same cake!).
And I think that just leaves Christmas to be pictured and posted.

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